Top five quarterbacks this fantasy season

Sunday, Aug 1, 2021 at 1:05 pm ET

There are numerous ways you can approach quarterbacks in fantasy football. There are a lot of "rules" out there. Do not take one with your first pick, wait until the later rounds, etc. The truth is, do whatever you feel is going to give you the best chance at glory. I took a quarterback with my third pick last year and it paid off. That quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, was a key factor in me winning my work league. Having to stream quarterbacks in fantasy is not a good idea. So, here are five quarterbacks that I think will finish in the top 5 this fantasy season.

Number 5: Lamar Jackson

Lamar JacksonThe only unanimous MVP in NFL history is also a Broward County native - my hometown. Lamar Jackson stepped in as the starting quarterback for the Ravens and has not looked back. Not only can he throw for 30 touchdowns with 3,000 plus passing yards, he can also run for over 1,000 yards and add a handful of rushing touchdowns. Although Lamar makes some questionable decisions at times, he is lethal and should be a middle-round pick in leagues. With added help in Sammy Watkins and drafted receiver, Rashod Bateman, it gives Jackson more weapons. Jackson can be taken in the first few rounds and I would not see a problem. This is a man who gives you points as a quarterback and points as if he was a running back.

Lamar's MVP season saw him throw for over 3,100 yards and 36 passing touchdowns. His rushing numbers were historical as he ran for over 1,200 yards and seven touchdowns. Lamar will be a top fantasy quarterback this season.

Number 4: Kyler Murray

Kyler MurrayThe most explosive quarterback with his legs other than Lamar Jackson. Kyler Murray is a blur on the field with a great arm. His legs alone can get you over 15 fantasy points. Finishing in the top five last year, Murray looks to pick up where he left off.

The Cardinals acquired WR A.J. Green plus drafted Rondale Moore. That gives Kyler another two weapons with Larry Fitzgerald, Christian Kirk, and Deandre Hopkins. Kyler last year had 11 rushing touchdowns with a total of 37 touchdowns on the year.

Having a quarterback with the legs of a running back is just an added bonus. Kyler cannot throw like the other listed ahead of him, but this is a guy who can give over 30 fantasy points every week. If he is not having a good day through the air, it can be made up with numbers on the ground. Kyler Murray will be a top-tier fantasy quarterback this season with ease.

Number 3: Patrick Mahomes

Patrick MahomesThis is the best player in all of football. Presumably already labeled as the next GOAT in the NFL, Patrick Mahomes helped me capture my first work league title. I thank him for that. He is number three on my list. He is better than the two ahead of him, but the other two have more to prove. Mahomes will be top tier again this year.

The weapons of Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill are too much to deal with. Mahomes finished last year with 4,740 passing yards and 38 touchdowns. He really has nothing left to prove. The numbers will always be there with a talent like him. I just personally think, there are two better options. Having Mahomes last year showed me that the Chiefs are too good for their own good. They are usually up on teams by 20 plus points and tend to slow the tempo down. A guaranteed 25 points every week is nice. What we are looking for is that top dog that will give you over 30 points a week. I have just the two.

Number 2: Dak Prescott

Dak PrescottMy personal favorite to put the league on notice. For Cowboys fans, this one will hurt. While their defense is so bad that they cannot win the SuperBowl, the Cowboys can still put up historic offensive numbers. Dak played four games and had a season-ending injury in the fifth game last season. Through those games, he had over 1,800 passing yards, two games with over 400 passing yards, and one 500 yard game.

As stated, the Cowboys' defense is so bad, the passing game will always be alive in Dallas. With weapons like Ceedee Lamb, Michael Gallup, and Amari Cooper, Dak is in a great position to have that historic season he was deprived of last season. Dak is an MVP favorite this season and I predict Dak to have over 5,000 passing yards and at LEAST 35 touchdowns.

Number 1: Josh Allen

Josh AllenThe future NFL MVP. The quarterback for the most pass-friendly offense in the entire NFL. Josh Allen made it known last year that he is big time. Establishing himself as one of the best quarterbacks, Allen finished as the number one fantasy quarterback last season. Over 4,500 passing yards, 37 passing touchdowns, and eight rushing touchdowns! Josh Allen is a big quarterback who does not go down easily. He has the ability for the big play and to get you points on the ground. I personally think if Aaron Rodgers did not have the career year he did last year, Allen would have won MVP. I am picking him to win it this year and to finish as the number one fantasy quarterback once again.

The Bills running game is non-existent, so that benefits Allen more than ever, having to deliver in the air and the ground. Look for Allen to exceed 4,000 passing yards, over 30 touchdowns, and at least five rushing touchdowns.

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