Fantasy Football Draft Buddy

Fantasy Football Draft Buddy
IBM Watson Fantasy Football

Interactive Cheatsheet

The Draft Buddy is an interactive cheat sheet for those who want to use the Nerd's draft rankings during their draft instead of or in addition to the default rankings provided by your league management program.

Simply create a Draft Buddy. Once inside, the key is to keep up on who drafted which players during your draft. As players are taken off the board during your draft, check them off in the Draft Buddy. The Draft Buddy will keep track of your bye week coverage and show you the most valuable picks remaining on the board.

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IBM Watson Fantasy Football
Beta IBM Watson is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform that we utilize to help determine the next best pick in your draft. Watson analyzes your draft including the picks, remaining players, ADP, roster needs, byes, handcuffs, & many more signals and datasets including previous drafts to determine who it would pick next.
Please note that Watson is currently in a BETA state which means that this feature remains a work in progress. Development and data aggregation are ongoing.