About Fantasy Nerds : A Note From Our Founder

There are 3 absolute truths in this world.

  1. None of us will live forever
  2. You will have to pay taxes
  3. There are smarter fantasy experts out there than you

I can't promise you eternal life, nor can I help you escape your tax responsibilities. What I can help with is bringing all the best fantasy expert advice into one place so that you have a better chance to compete with the experts. At the very least, we aim to make you smarter than the rest of the folks in your fantasy league.

We do this by aggregating rankings from the best experts on the web and weighting those rankings based upon a number of factors including each website's past accuracy. We know how accurate each expert is and where they are most accurate including by position and category (draft versus weekly). We use that information to further tailor the aggregated rankings and projections to what you need. This is what makes FN so unique and why we've consistently been recognized as one of the most accurate fantasy websites in the industry! Other sites have since come along and aggregated rankings/projections and average them out, but that wouldn't go far enough for me. Nerd Rank is a results-oriented process for normalizing and enhancing the rankings and projections.

If places like Kayak are the best aggregators of travel sites, FantasyNerds.com aims to be the best aggregator of fantasy advice.

I founded and launched Fantasy Football Nerd in 2008. The New York Times called the technology the best kept secret in fantasy football, and the Washington Post called it the Cliffs Notes of the Industry - impressive endorsements which only raised the bar for us.

In 2017, we began applying the main algorithm to baseball and basketball with the aptly-named Fantasy Baseball Nerd and Fantasy Basketball Nerd sites.

In 2021, we finally consolidated all three sites into FantasyNerds.com - a common platform for all three sports that would allow us to focus our energy on furthering the platform rather than maintaining three separate sites.

Keep a few things in mind though. We can't predict the future. The 2008 rankings listed Tom Brady as a Top 5 pick. Obviously, nobody anticipated a season-ending injury for him. The experts take the best data that they have and make a decision based upon that data. Sports are unpredictable. Even in the best situations, some guys will go off and some guys will tank. It happens every week. FN provides a glimpse into what should happen under the anticipated circumstances. If I were able to predict the future, I assure you that I would be in Las Vegas either at a blackjack table or at a Sportsbook right now.

Fantasy Nerds common platform

FantasyNerds.com was created for fans by a fan - so I'm always interested in hearing what works and what doesn't. If you have feedback or suggestions, I want to hear from you. Visit our Support Center and send us your thoughts. I look forward to reading every one of them.

Have a great season!

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Joe Dyken

New York Times

If you're looking for a consensus from the experts, then look no further than the FFNerd.

New York Times

The best kept secret in fantasy football

Washington Post

FantasyFootballNerd.com offers relief for procrastinators

Washington Post

FFN is the Cliffs Notes of the industry

USA Today

Fantasy regular season ends with new accuracy winner

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Better tools for fantasy fanatics

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I love Fantasy Football Nerd. I read it every week.


Champions are bred from the aggregate rankings found at FFN.

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(FFN) gives you a true indicator of what the fantasy football industry is thinking...