3 Teams that Could Rebound Odell Beckham Jr's Fantasy Football Value in 2021

Saturday, Nov 6, 2021 at 10:32 am ET

Odell BeckhamIt was announced Friday, November 5th that the Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. will be released.

With Odell likely to sign with a new team in the next few days, I thought I'd share my thoughts as to which teams I think should strongly consider adding him to their roster and that could boost his fantasy football value back to a weekly starter role.

Here are 3 teams that could rebound Odell Beckham Jr's fantasy football value:

  • New Orleans Saints
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Pittsburgh Steelers

New Orleans Saints

New Orleans SaintsLove this spot for Odell. Not only would he end up in his home state of Louisiana, but he'd also be going to a team that really needs a WR1.

WR Michael Thomas was supposed to come back from injury this year, and be their go-to-guy again, but has said goodbye for the remainder of the season due to injury recovery set backs.

Knowing Head Coach Sean Payton, I feel like if he had Odell he would want to get him heavily involved in their offense propel this offense back to what it was a few years ago.

Currently, the Saints rank 2nd to last in passing yards per game with 180.9 yards a game.

Seeing this and how the Saints most targeted receiver in the passing game is RB Alvin Kamara, it's definitely a sign that they need a reliable guy in the WR room and fast. So far the teams current WR1, Marques Callaway, (who is on pace for only 50 receptions, 755 receiving yards and 7 TDs this season), has been an underwhelming performer to say the least.

Even though they are not in the best spot offensively (having Jameis go down with a "significant" injury in week 8 vs the Buccaneers and having the second worse passing offense in the league over a 7 game span) I feel like with Odell on the roster, he could be a booster shot to not only rejuvenate the Saints offense, but also jump start a better second half of the season for himself.

The Saints have already tried to trade for Odell, but weren't able to pull the trigger. This might be their lucky week because they now have a second chance to seal the deal and give OBJ a new home in 2021.

Green Bay Packers

Green Bay PackersThe Packers are missing a weapon to coincide with studs WR Davantae Adams and RB Aaron Jones.

They've tried just about every recieving option on their team to be that 2nd go-to receiver for Rogers, but still no one really seems to have stepped up for them.

Being the WR2 on this Packers team would make Odell very valuable in fantasy. Up until these last few years, the Packers WR1 and WR2 were top 10 fantasy receivers and I believe they can get back to that point, but they just haven't been able to find that other reliable receiving threat.

With Rodgers, Odell could see a ton of targets and the scoring opportunity if they decide to go with him. But overall, I think this really is a great fit for both the Packers to improve their team and for Odell to be a valuable asset in an offense once again.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh SteelersHaven't heard this team in the conversation for Odell yet, but I really believe he could be an asset and help take this team to bigger heights this season.

Not only that, but I think in terms of fantasy this could be a solid fit given how their offense has lacked so far this season.

With the loss of WR Juju Smith-Schuster for the season and WR Chase Claypool not being a super reliable weapon for the Steelers as anticipated, I think if Odell were to step in he would have a great opportunity to carve out a solid role in this offense.

The Steelers desperately need another playmaker on the receiving end to expand their offense and drive in more points for them. With Odell on this roster I believe he is the type of player to do just that.

Closing Thought

I think any team that adds Odell to their roster will boost his fantasy value. I have high expectations for Odell, but I truly believe these 3 teams could really use him and possibly get him back into a WR worth starting in fantasy football. Whatever happens, I am excited to see where he lands and how the rest of the season plays out for him.

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jamisdiablo CommentedNov 10, 2021 2:16 pm

Good read, but I'll have to disagree on OBJ. He may help a team slightly, and I say that taking into consideration his off the field/sideline antics, which I believe will never stop (i.e., his DAD! lol). He may bring some redeeming value on the field to anyone who takes a shot on him (and someone will no doubt), but I for one will be passing on OBJ from here on out. Best of luck to the guy who has built only a so-so reputation in the league from a single catch. LOL. Nope. He's part of the WR diva issue the NFL has found itself in... get paid and then get relaxed and only work hard enough to keep your job, which he couldn't even accomplish.

jamisdiablo CommentedNov 12, 2021 10:44 am

Crickets... lol

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