The top 3 MVP candidates thus far

Saturday, Oct 16, 2021 at 10:32 am ET

The new generation is finding their place in the NFL rather quickly. The top 10 quarterbacks in today's NFL features a handful that are 25 years old or younger! Evolution is a serious thing and the athletes of tomorrow are arriving and making names for themselves in a flash. Numerous of the MVP candidates are not even in their fifth NFL season. Then, there is Tom Brady who is always in the shadows ready to strike. As follows are my top three candidates for the MVP trophy so far this NFL season.

Josh Allen

Josh AllenOut of the University of Wyoming, Bills fans were just wondering in 2017 if they had a competent quarterback after so many failed attempts. Now, four years later, the franchise has their guy and this kid is a star. Josh Allen is a mixture of Big Ben and Cam Newton. With the ability to throw the football down the field and still get down and dirty running the ball, Josh Allen is one of the greats for the next generation.

Since the speed bump in week one vs the Steelers, the Bills and Allen have been rolling through their schedule. The Bills since then have outscored their opponents 156-41. Thanks to Allen's absurd stat line of 1,100 passing yards, 11 touchdowns, and two interceptions. Although three of the Bills' four wins have come against the Dolphins, Texans, and the Washington Football team, Allen has made it look too easy.

To put the icing on the cake so far, Allen looked flawless in the Bills' fourth win on the season vs the Kansas City Chiefs IN Arrowhead stadium. With a QB rating of 139.1, over 350 total yards, and four total touchdowns, Allen is on a mission this year and has no signs of slowing down. Allen comes in at number three solely for the competition he has had to face so far.

Justin Herbert

Justin HerbertThis man who is practically still a kid is the next big thing in the NFL. Before I continue, I think Justin Herbert can be the best quarterback in the NFL one day. He took off his rookie year, throwing the most touchdowns by a rookie ever and finishing 38 yards shy of tying Andrew Luck for most passing yards by a rookie. All he has done this season is lead the Chargers to a 4-1 record and the number one seed in the AFC so far.

The sole loss for the Chargers this year came in a nail-bitter vs the Dallas Cowboys, another top team in the NFL this season. Other than that, The Chargers have been phenomenal on both sides and it all starts with number 10. Herbert has led the Chargers atop of their division over rivals and powerhouse, the Kansas City Chiefs. Herbert was superb in the meeting vs KC as he tossed four touchdowns, zero interceptions, and secured the win. The week after, he tossed another three touchdowns and beat another division foe, the Raiders.

To top off the three-game winning streak, Herbert and the Chargers had a shootout with the Cleveland Browns. The Chargers came away victorious 47-42 and Herbert had FIVE total touchdowns. Four through the air and a rushing touchdown too. With wins over two of the best teams in the AFC and a stat line of 11 touchdowns, no interceptions, and over 900 passing yards, Herby is fully loaded and the NFL is on notice.

Kyler Murray

Kyler MurrayIt is all about winning at the end of the day. As kids, we are taught to have fun while playing the sport we love. As we get older, we should still have fun but care about winning just as much. The Arizona Cardinals and Kyler Murray are doing just that. Sitting at 5-0 and the only undefeated team left in the NFL, the MVP race is running through K1 speedway for now. Lighting it up with his arm and his legs, Kyler Murray has the league in a choke hold. Week three was somewhat iffy, having to come back against the Jaguars, and week five was a defensive battle vs the 49ers.

Kyler was lights out the other three weeks including the decimation of the Rams 37-20. Kyler Murray is top five in QBR, top five in passer rating, and number one in completion percentage. He is the Cardinals and they will go as far as K1 takes them. The most valuable player is in Arizona and by the looks of it, I don't see the race going in anyone's favor unless a slump of some sort happens to Kyler Murray. Go invest in his rookie cards because once he is named MVP, their prices will increase over 100%. Book it, buy it, destiny arrives all the same.

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