Sleeper QBs of 2022

Sunday, Aug 21, 2022 at 10:41 am ET

The definition of a sleeper for me is just that. A guy that provides quality weeks which provides depth for my roster and can be a possible starter that gives me an advantage over my league mates.

QB sleepers are tough to predict as most of the top 12 QBs have been drafted as the top 14 QBs in the past 3 years. There are not a lot of sleeper candidates anymore that arrive out of here. I do touch on one scenario with possible poor play or injury that could happen. That could be a sleeper that you get off the waiver wire to potentially make a run for the playoffs or even the championship.

I will make this analysis short and simple. 3-5 sentence paragraphs that give you an idea. I will try to get into more depth in future articles about some of these players that I have drafted in over 50% of my best ball drafts and will have in all my redraft leagues.

Obvious Choice QB

Trey Lance Trey Lance

Mobile QB with weapons. He may not pass for more than 3,500 yards, but he has 1,000 rushing potential.

Projection: Comp.: 328 Att.: 525 Yards: 3772 TDs: 19 INT: 10 ush Att.: 140
Rush Yards: 616 Rush TDs: 8 = Fantasy Points: 316 in 4-point passing, 354 in 6-point passing

High-end QB2

Tua Tagovailoa Tua Tagovailoa

There is a lot of skepticism surrounding Tua. He is now in a system that benefits his mobility with play-action rollouts. He has two of the most dynamic run-after-catch receivers in the league.

Projection: Comp.: 410 Att.: 585 Yards: 4,304 TDs: 26 INT: 10 Rush Att.: 40
Rush Yards: 120 Rush TDs: 2 = Fantasy Points: 280 in 4-point passing, 332 in 6-point passing

Longshot QB2

Baker Mayfield Baker Mayfield

When Baker is healthy, he can be a dynamic playmaker with big-play upside. He left Cleveland which kept his passing ability on a leash to go to Carolina which provides a plethora of playmakers for him.

Projection: Comp.: 393 Att.: 605 Yards: 4,048 TDs: 24 INT: 11 Rush Att.: 45
Rush Yards: 140 Rush TDs: 3 = Fantasy Points: 268 in 4-point passing, 316 in 6-point passing

No Chance, but Ya Never Know

Malik Willis Malik Willis

I think Malik gets his chance in his rookie year to start some games. The worst case gets his feet wet with some packages designed for him. I don't want to predict an injury for Tannehill, but I could see his play decline enough with others around him to get Malik in the game and start 6 games to end the season.

*Projection: Comp.: 117 Att.: 195 Yards: 1,135 TDs: 8 INT: 5 Rush Att.: 63
Rush Yards: 478 Rush TDs: 4 = Fantasy Points: 139 in 4-point passing, 155 in 6-point passing

I hope this helps when drafting to take some chances and to remember that Malik Willis could help win you the league as the season progresses.

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