Free Fantasy Football Commissioner Tools for 2022

Friday, Jul 29, 2022 at 8:55 pm ET

Ah - the fantasy football commissioner...

What other job is more celebrated and admired than the person who schedules the draft, creates the draft order, collects dues, mediates disputes, and catches all the flak for anything and everything that happens in the league? That's right - the commish!

Let's face it. Being the commissioner basically sucks. It's not fun but it's necessary and your league would not be the same without one.

This year let's make your commish's life better by letting him/her know about these free tools on Fantasy Nerds. From scheduling the draft date to selecting the draft order, Fantasy Nerds can be the unbiased workhorse for your draft. Again, these tools are free so all your commish needs to do is create a free account, and within minutes these boring tasks will become a breeze.

Free Commissioner Tools

Draft Date Picker Draft Date Picker
Every commissioner runs into this issue eventually. When should we hold our fantasy football draft? Instead of trying to juggle everyone's schedule and emails bouncing back and forth, use the free Draft Date Picker from Simply add your draft details, select a bunch of possible dates, send your custom link to your league, and let everyone mark down which dates work and which don't.
Random Draft Order Random Draft Order Tool
If you are looking for an unbiased, third-party tool to generate the draft order for your league, this is the tool that you are looking for. Tell us who is in your league and when you want us to randomize the draft order, and we'll give you a link to share with your league so that everyone can tune in together and see the results.
Trade Analyzer Trade Analyzer
The commish holds veto power on any trade that looks sketchy, but if he/she actually uses veto power, prepare for a backlash. Use the Fantasy Nerds Trade Analyzer as an unbiased tool to show just how lopsided that trade really is.

Trust us - your commissioner will thank you later!

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