Favre Saga Continues

Wednesday, Jul 23, 2008 at 12:00 pm ET

Well the past week has been interesting in the Favre saga. He's expected to petition NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for reinstatement to the Packer's roster, however the next move remains in the hands of GB.

I have been in the stands at Packer games every year for many years and it just won't be the same without Number 4, but I'm waning on my support for Brett Favre. As more of the details come out, it's becoming increasingly apparent that he's not an angel here and the rift between him and the organization may become too much to overcome. The latest story revolves around the Vikings and discussions with Favre. According to ESPN Favre called Vikings coach Brad Childress and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell on his Packers-issued cell phone. Seriously??? Was his home phone not working? Could he not afford his own cell phone? Have pay phones become extinct? Good Lord - there's a mistake.

It appears that having #4 in Green Bay this year isn't going to happen, and I'll be shocked to learn otherwise.

Author Unknown"How am I supposed to trust that they're working on a trade after the things that have been told to me in the past?" Favre said. "Teams may have called and said, 'We're interested.' Well, you know, they may never tell us. The longer this goes on, the less likely I am to play with someone because of the time factor."

"They've been preaching about, 'We want to protect Brett's legacy' — we both know what that's about," Favre said. "How does that protect my legacy if I'm a backup? 'Brett, we'll welcome you back, we'll pay you $12 million, but you have to hold a clipboard and ball cap.' That's probably better for them as opposed to letting me go somewhere and me coming back (and beating the Packers), then their legacy, the management, could be in jeopardy. Let me worry about that. You don't worry about my legacy. It's a bunch of bull, it's all it is."

If he's allowed to play somewhere else, hopefully he doesn't cap off his career like Joe Montana did. I think Favre still has the ability to be an elite QB and there are some teams who could use a guy like Favre. One of the more logical choices would be Tampa Bay where Favre's friendship with Jon Gruden goes back to his days in Green Bay as Favre's position coach. Jeff Garcia is still at odds with his contract and Chris Simms isn't likely to play in front of #4.

I'm sure the Vikings would love to have Favre. Favre behind the ball and Adrian Peterson running wild - that's enough reason to keep opposing defenses up at night. The Packers won't let that happen. I doubt that any team in their division or conference will be an acceptable trade.

Packers players are expected to be at camp at the end of the month, but Favre isn't expected to be there. As long as there are 1 or 2 talented receivers wherever he lands, Favre will still be a valued fantasy QB. As soon as the Nerd learns where he lands, we'll take a look across the fantasy football world landscape and let you know where Favre stands in the rankings.

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