The top 3 basketball players this fantasy season

Sunday, Oct 24, 2021 at 4:23 pm ET

This is literally the best time of the year for sports. The NFL is well underway, the MLB playoffs are going on, college football is full of surprises and hockey is back for the puck heads out there. Now, you add all that together it gets you the perfect recipe, right? Not right because the best spice has yet to be added until tonight. The NBA is back and it kicks off with two epic showdowns in the East and the West.

The Brooklyn Nets travel to Milwaukee to face off against the defending champs. Then, the late-night game is the best rivalry in the past decade, Steph vs LeBron. The Golden State Warriors vs the Los Angeles Lakers should be another thrilling matchup just like play in-game from last season. Just like fantasy football, there is fantasy basketball. It is a different type of beast as you have to check lineups daily. There are three players in my eyes that will be pound for pound the best fantasy players this season. This is my opinion based on H2H POINTS.

Nikola Jokic

Nikola JokicThe reigning, defending MVP of the NBA HAS to make this list no question. A walking triple-double at any time, Jokic is unlike any center we have ever seen. A crafty big man with some of the best footwork and touch the game has yet to see. Jokic is coming off a season where he had career highs in points, assists and matched his career-high in rebounds. His averages were 26.4ppg, 10.8reb, 8.3ast a game with 56% from the field and hitting 86% of his free throws. He is the Denver Nuggets and with Jamal Murray set to miss most of the season, it is the Jokic show once again.

The most important thing with fantasy basketball is guys are durable since an NBA is so long and brutal on the body. Jokic is that number one overall pick in drafts and that is my main reason why he should be number 1 overall in every draft. Jokic has not missed a game since he got injured in December of 2017! A big man who does not battle injuries is a thing of beauty. Jokic played every single game last season and if I had to guess, will play about 95% of games this season.

Luka Doncic

Luka DoncicThe boy wonder, the next great or whatever you want to call him. Just make sure you put some respect on the 22-year-old phenom's name. Luka made his mark on the NBA his rookie year and it has only gone upwards since then. He has not been able to get past the first round of the playoffs but this article is not about that. Fantasy-wise, Luka is a top-three player and it isn't close. Just like Jokic but even better, the ball is literally always in Luka's hands. He is the Dallas Mavericks offense and their entire franchise.

Luka is projected to be the number one overall fantasy player. Another walking triple-double, the game comes too easy to Doncic. Playing the point guard position, being 6'8, is a no-brainer to select Doncic with a top-two pick. May I mention that he might not have even reached his peak yet? There is a reason this is the second straight season that Luka is the front runner at MVP odds. Averages of 27ppg, 8reb, and 8.6ast last season, look for those numbers to be identical or better. Even with his efficiency being at a career of 45% from the field and 33% from three, it gives you hope that when Luka increases those numbers, his averages will be like we have never seen before.

Stephen Curry

Stephen CurryThe greatest shooter to ever be created by God, a top ten player in NBA history and someone who changed the way the game is played, Stephen Curry showed the world what he can do when he is the clear-cut number one option. There won't be any Klay Thompson sightings till about Christmas, so the second option on the Warriors is Andrew Wiggins and possibly second-year player, Jordan Poole. All Curry did last season was win the scoring title at age 32 and become the 18th player in NBA history to win multiple scoring titles.

The Warriors are fairly young besides their core three (Curry, Green, Thompson), so Curry will be relied on once again this season. He had career highs with field goals made, three-pointers made and free throws made per game. I expect this to be the same again this season with Curry leading the Warriors and he has an average ADP of 4.7 which I personally think is too low for the all-time great. Draft Steph and reap the rewards of a nightly 40 plus fantasy points every game Curry plays.

Final thoughts

As I stated, fantasy basketball is a different type of beast. Check your lineups every single day and if you think the waiver wire in fantasy football is valuable, the waiver wire in fantasy basketball can build you a brand new team and find gems that change the landscape of your entire season. Good luck and go get that championship!

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