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Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 12:00 pm ET

It's been a while since I've posted anything, but I've been busy behind the scenes on some new enhancements for this season. Some of the enhancements are fundamental (new search technology and algorithms for the aggregation of rankings) and won't be visible per se. Some will be visible. Watch for more information on those changes.

Here are some of my random thoughts regarding the upcoming season:

1) I'm looking forward to adding a new source to this year's rankings. We'll be working with Bruno Boys in the near future to bring their rankings into the Nerd's system. If this is your first time (or your millionth time) playing fantasy football, head over to their site. Great content and analysis. I had the pleasure of competing against them last year in an Expert's League. Trust me, they know their stuff and have some great drafting tips for players of all experience levels.

2) I stumbled across a posting on FSB regarding a new site called which aggregates 53 different site rankings similar to the Nerd. I'd like to answer a question posed to me by one of you on this same topic. "Why don't you search more than 19 sites?" The answer is that I'm pretty particular about the sites that get included. There very well could be 53 or more sites offering rankings, but I haven't come across that many quality sites. A handful of bad sites can significantly alter the final rankings analysis and I didn't feel comfortable including them. The guys behind may have come up with a way to overcome some of those limitations, and if so, I think it may be worth your time and $9.95 to buy their draft rankings.

3) What about a gaming platform? I've discussed this with a good friend of mine, and it's a tremendous amount of work. Development has started, but there's no anticipated date yet. There's a chance though that you'll see real-time gaming on the Nerd someday in the future.

Football, Football, Football

4) Brett Favre. today reported that it's still up in the air. The Associated Press is reporting that there's very little chance of Favre going to Minnesota. Who knows at this point. Wait until training camp. Favre is my favorite player and I've been a lifelong Packer fan, but I'm not sure how I'd feel to see him in purple. The Vikings/Packers game would be incredibly interesting to watch. Favre has also been a great QB to have on my fantasy teams over the years, so I'll be watching the soap opera just like everyone else.

5) Tom Brady. All indications are that he's recovered and will be a solid play this year (most likely a Top 5 QB). I sure hope he performs, because there are plenty of fantasy owners who would like to redeem themselves after his injury.

6) I've used my first or second picks for the past few years to grab Steven Jackson for certain leagues. I'm afraid to say that I've been pretty disappointed in him for the past two years. That's why I thought the Fantasy Hulk's article re: SJax was enjoyable. The Rams have upgraded their line and that should mean good news for a healthy Jackson.

7) Could Plaxico be leaving the cold weather and trouble behind to go to Tampa Bay? is reporting that the Bucs are looking at Burress and gauging his well being. Good luck with that guys.

Finally... What a wild offseason!

Seriously. Jay Cutler leaving Denver to come to Chicago was a bombshell. I have to wonder if Bears fans would think each year "Great - another year getting beat up by Favre". Packer fans have got to be wondering if the tables are turning. I don't look forward to watching my beloved Packers try and shut down Cutler.

Matt Cassel showed the world he could play. With Brady back behind center, Cassel's move to Kansas City could prove to be good for him. There's no Moss and company in KC, so he'll have to step up and make some moves.

Garcia's in Oakland. I hope this puts an exclamation mark on JaMarcus Russell's career, because he's been a solid question mark. He was perhaps the best drop I made last year. A complete waste of a late, late, late draft pick. I would have rather had Mickey Mouse on my team, because at least Mickey wouldn't have given me negative points. Good luck to Garcia. This could be the last go'round.

One more QB move. Kurt Warner was re-signed by the Cardinals. Nobody knows how much steam he's got left, but it seems like a no-brainer to keep him in Arizona. If he can play at close to the same level as last year, he'll be solid QB on your team this year.

How about Kellen Winslow going to Tampa Bay? If Plaxico can make it back to the NFL and winds up in TB, this could be a dynamic duo.

I couldn't end some comments about offseason moves without mentioning T.O.'s departure from Dallas. He probably should have gone to the Giants or Jets instead of the Bills. Buffalo's just not big enough for that massive ego.


With summer just about upon us, is it wrong to be looking forward to fall? Are you ready for some football?

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adeehr CommentedMay 27, 2009 11:00 am

Thanks Nerd! Enjoyed that read. I don't agree about Steven Jackson. I had him a couple years ago, when he was good, but I won't waste a first round pick on him again. His line may be better, but that passing game was so awful it won't make defenses sit back. They'll put 8 guys in the box to stop Jackson anyway, so I am not going there. You can have him!

Kudos to you for sticking to your guns. I appreciate the use of the quality over quantity you refer to in your number 2 above. I agree with you completely.

Can't wait to see what may be some day a quality gaming site. I already enjoy your features and look forward to what you have in store for this year.

One last thing. I have a keeper league and had Cutler on my team last year. I can keep him for the league minimum, but he's now a Bear, and who really wants to have a Bears QB on their team. Ugh I struggle with this I keep him?

Nerd CommentedMay 27, 2009 11:00 am

I wouldn't want a Bears QB on my team (hey - I'm from GB), but it's Jay Cutler and you can't pass that up (especially for the league minimum). I'm not sure who he's going to throw to yet, but I think we'll still see some big numbers from him in 2009.

Thanks for the note!

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