How The Nerd Fared For Me

Friday, Dec 12, 2008 at 12:00 pm ET

It's Playoff time and several of you have asked how the Nerd did for me this year. I used the Nerd completely for my drafts and there were a number of surprises that nobody predicted. Ryan Grant was a bust for most of the season. Chad Johnson's mouth was louder than his numbers this year. Randy Moss went in the first round for me in the Experts League I'm in and he's been a bust most of the year. Tyler Thigpen, Dwayne Bowe, Michael Turner, and Muhsin Muhammad were nice surprises grabbed in later rounds.

The Sit/Start engine has been pretty good overall for me. I'll admit that I don't always go by what the Nerd says however. There's an element of gut instinct involved as well as a very, very healthy dose of LUCK! There have been plenty of times when the various experts that Nerd aggregates have been wildly off. Matt Cassel's first 40 point game was a great example. Brian Westbrook's last two games had the experts off the mark. Who would have predicted that an injured Westbrook would go off for 110 yards on the ground with 2 rushing TD's and 2 receiving TD's? He was coming off a game where he went for 39 yards and -5 receiving yards. Then he went off the following week against a tough Giants Defense for 131 yards on the ground and 72 yards receiving with a pair of TD's. There are so many more examples that I'll be here all night listing them. It's funny how much easier it is to remember the misses than the solid hits (and a couple home runs).

In the Stinky Tee Experts League, I ended the regular season in 2nd place with a 10-4 record. F Tiki grabbed 1st place with the same record but more points. I used the Nerd almost exclusively in this league when setting my lineup. This is a 12-team league with some of the most die-hard fantasy football nuts representing entities such as Sirius Satellite Radio Sports, 660am WFAN Sports NY, The Bruno Boys, 1010 WINS Sports, and

In my other two leagues, I ended the regular season in 3rd and 9th. Obviously the 9th place finish was pretty disappointing. My only problem with that league is that there's a deep bench so everyone hoards good players whether they need them or not. I'm guilty of it too with 3 solid defenses to choose from. The waiver wire is always slim every week. Injuries can ruin a season in that league.

It's been an interesting season nonetheless. Good luck to all in the post-season. If you have a moment, let me know how the Nerd worked for you.

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