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Saturday, Aug 18, 2018 at 12:00 pm ET

Every carpenter needs a hammer. Every mechanic needs a wrench. Having the right tools at your disposal is the sign of a professional. Here are some of the tools in your toolbox for your fantasy football draft.

Fantasy Football Draft Rankings

Player CardIt all begins with the foundation, and our foundation is solid. FFN aggregates the rankings and projections from some of the best sources around the web and we weight them based upon how accurate each source is. For example, if CBS Sports has statistically been more accurate with their running back projections, we weight their data more heavily than those who haven't been as accurate. You can look at that data along with the ADP to find some really great picks.

If you play in a dynasty league, you'll want to check out our dynasty league rankings. If you use individual defensive players as part of your roster, be sure to check out our consensus IDP rankings.

You'll also find that we highlight important player news on the rankings and player cards. So if a guy like Mark Ingram or Julian Edelman is suspended for a number of games, we'll highlight that for you. We also calculate the player's strength of schedule. If you're debating between two similarly-ranked players, knowing which one has a more difficult season might help you in deciding which one to draft.

Custom Fantasy Football Draft Rankings

FFN aggregates data from all over the web, but what if your league doesn't adhere to standard, PPR, or half-point PPR scoring formats? What if you have a touchdown-only league or your league scoring favors pass-heavy teams? This tool is designed for those folks. Simply enter in your custom scoring settings and we'll crunch the numbers including an overall list that takes into account both a value-based drafting approach as well as ADP alignment.

Draft BuddyDraft Buddy

As you look around at the rest of your league during the draft, you're going to inevitably find someone crossing names off a printed out list. We have printable cheat sheets as well, but the Draft Buddy is an interactive version. Simply check off players as they are taken in the draft and the Draft Buddy will show you an updated rankings list, how your bye-week coverage looks, and how many players are still available in each tier.

Mock Drafts

You know what they say: practice makes perfect. Our mock draft tool allows you to do a mock draft in minutes against the computer giving you a feel for where players are being taken and what kind of team you may end up with given your draft spot.

Amazon Alexa fantasy footballAmazon Alexa - fantasy football advice

If you're on the clock and need to decide between two players, you can ask your Amazon Alexa for help. Once you enable the fantasy football skill, simply say "Alexa, ask Fantasy Football Nerd if I should draft Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady." Replace Rodgers and Brady with whatever players you are considering, and Alexa will calculate the best choice for standard, PPR, and half-point PPR leagues for you.

There is literally no other company in the world offering this type of service today.

Fantasy Football API

Just about everything we do can be downloaded, but for the really tech-savvy, we have one of the most comprehensive application programming interfaces (API) on the web. Whether it's a user who wants to do their own crunching of data or a developer looking to enhance their newest mobile app, most of our data can be retrieved via structured XML or JSON messages.

Fantasy Football News

You already know that we aggregate rankings and projections, but we also aggregate news and advice from all of these sources into one place as well. If you want to know what's going on in the NFL or fantasy football at any given moment, we've got you covered.


We like to think that we have a pretty comprehensive suite of tools for any fantasy football draft. Many of our tools are free or provide a selection of free results; however, our Premium Members have access to everything - every tool, ranking, projection, and more.

We offer all of these tools PLUS season-long tools for the same price as some of the draft magazines found in your local supermarket. The FFN platform was built for fantasy football fans by fantasy football fans. We love playing the game and want to help you win your leagues this year!

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