Thoughts on Week 1

Sunday, Sep 9, 2012 at 12:00 pm ET

Everyone...and I mean everyone...had reservations about starting Adrian Peterson this week. I saw so many folks recommending Toby Gerhart over AP. Peterson showed why he's who he is. Nobody comes back from that kind of injury this fast and he rushes for 84 yards and two scores. All Day!

Either the Washington defensive line is amazing or the offensive line of the Saints needs some serious work. The Redskins pressured Drew Brees all day long. I actually started to feel sorry for Drew.

I am seriously regretting my choice of Chris Johnson. Today I would rather have had Steven Ridley as my RB1. If anyone is a police officer, would you mind putting out an APB on CJ2K?

I've never been a fan of vultures in fantasy football and Michael Bush is the leading contender for Vulture of the Year. He did little to nothing to help get the Bears into scoring position but they let him have two gimme scores. Sorry Forte owners.

Speaking of the Bears, Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall were like two peas in a pod. It was just like their days in Denver. Expect big things out of Marshall this year.

Wes Welker is usually PPR gold but today he was basically PPR - make that PPR aluminum. Let's hope he heats it up in Week 2.

The Texans looked pretty solid. If Arian Foster had a sore knee, it sure didn't bother him. Andre Johnson racked up the points for fantasy owners as well.

Move over Roddy White - Julio Jones is the new #1 WR in Atlanta. If Julio cut his finger, I'm pretty sure he'd bleed awesomeness.

Jeremy Maclin makes me want to sing "I can fly higher than an Eagle..." because Maclin was definitely the wind beneath my wings this week! Michael Vick...not so much.

Normally I don't care much for kickers, but Matt Bryant could change my mind. 4 for 4 FG and 4 XP. 16 points out of a kicker is a pretty phenomenal day.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about Fred Jackson's injury tomorrow. After delivering a whopping 1.5 points, a wicked tackle took him out of the game. CJ Spiller turned in a monster performance in his absence.

Another guy I want to hear more about is Pierre Garcon. RG3 had a fantastic coming out party and Garcon was clearly his favorite target before leaving the game. Garcon could be huge this year.

RG3 looked an awful lot like Cam Newton last year. Perhaps the pre-draft comparisons weren't that far off. What a way to start an NFL career! Congrats RG3.

If an APB is put out on Chris Johnson, check to see if he's hanging around with Michael Turner. Both seem to have been missing today.

So much for Trent Richardson's coming out party...

For playing backup, MJD turned in a pretty solid performance - much better than I and many others had anticipated.

I don't expect guys like Randall Cobb, Alfred Morris, Alshon Jeffery, Stephen Hill, and Kevin Ogletree to remain on the waiver wire for very long this week.

David Akers impressively tied the NFL record for longest field goal. While his kick doinked off the goal post and was good, Vernon Davis's attempted dunk on the same goal post was...less than successful. Perhaps that's why he's in the NFL instead of the NBA.

Peyton Manning looked every bit the future Hall of Famer that he is. He didn't look like a player who has been out for a year. Outstanding effort.

Looking forward to the double header on Monday night!

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