The Power of Three

Wednesday, Sep 28, 2011 at 12:00 pm ET

Do you remember the "Rule of Three" from the movie American Pie 2? Kevin tells his ex-girlfriend that he hooked up with 3 girls at college and Jessica later explains the Rule of Three to Vicky. While I'm not going to divulge the number of girls I've "hooked up with" so that you can divide by three, I would like to change that rule to the "Power of Three". Three wins guarantees a playoff appearance. I have absolutely no data to back up that claim, but neither did Jessica and it turned out to be correct in the movie so it's gotta work, right?

So far, so good. I've managed to win 8 out of my 10 leagues each week this season. I have 3 leagues on Fleaflicker this year and I'm 3-0 in all 3. I'm 3-0 in the FFN Experts League beating Hal from Fleaflicker by 3 points. Coincidence? I think not. It's the Power of Three! Of course, I can't prove this until I actually make the playoffs in those leagues, but I have a feeling that you'll be calling me "NostraJoe" before 2012 gets here. Years from now, college students will be doing their thesis on the Power of Three. Imagine that! WOW - these are exciting times!

I'm not 3-0 in all leagues though. I'm under no illusion that I'll make the playoffs in the FFN Users League I where I literally got smoked by Tim (Dangerdawgz). Not even close. I'd like to thank Cedric Benson, Deion Branch, Santonio Holmes, and Reggie Wayne for not showing up. That doughnut was great - thanks Deion. Fortunately, I took Peter to town in the FFN Users League II where Jermichael Finley led my team with 3 (three "power"ful) touchdowns. Looking forward to a sweep next week. I'm particularly looking forward to playing against the great one, Dave Richard from CBS Sports, in the FFN Experts League. That win will be very satisfying.

Speaking of CBS and satisfying, CBS Sports has their Week 4 Fantasy Faceoffs where Dave, Jamey, and Nathan provide their opinions on such questions as "Which early-season Fantasy stud should owners sell high on?", "Which player off to a slow start is most likely to rebound?", and "Start or sit Sidney Rice vs. Atlanta?". I love seeing all 3 (there's that number again) opinions on those questions.

I looked up the word "dysfunctional" in the dictionary today and it said to "see Dallas Cowboys". Romo earned a ton of respect manning up and playing through what appeared to be a ton of pain, but that team looked absolutely lost. Whether the Redskins were able to mimic Romo's cadence (they deny it) or Phil Costa simply cannot count, the Cowboys had terrible communication, poor execution, and were often seen fighting amongst themselves. That's not the Dallas team we've grown accustomed to. Let's see if they can turn things around this week against a very impressive Detroit defense.

Injuries continue to dominate the first month of NFL news. QB stud Michael Vick left Sunday's game with what was initially reported to be a broken hand (non-throwing). FOX Sports is reporting that Vick's giving himself a 100% chance to play this weekend, but check the injury report on Sunday morning. I don't think any of us expected Vick to play an entire season, but I guess I hoped that he'd be healthier than this after just 3 (three) weeks. He was the #1 ranked QB on FFN in Week 1 and 2. He moved down to fifth last week and finds himself at #7 this week. If you own him, you still have to play him but get used to the worries.

FF Toolbox has a nice overview of the injuries that we're all watching. For example, Arian Foster is back at practice and looks probable to play this week against the Steelers, but his carries will likely be limited. Ryan Grant has a bruised kidney. Felix Jones re-aggravated his dislocated shoulder. Jeremy Maclin looks doubtful and Antonio Gates could miss more time.

I have Cedric Benson in two of my leagues, so I was happy to read that he plans to play this week while he appeals his 3 game suspension (there's that number again). If he can play, he's got a nice matchup against the Bills who give up the 10th most yards on the ground.

The FFN Week 4 Where to Put'em is being finished. Keep in mind that if you're looking for another opinion on trades or who to sit/start, visit the FFN blog (you're here already), Facebook, or Twitter.

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IvanB CommentedSep 29, 2011 11:00 am

Nice post nerd...does your power of 3 apply to the 3 weeks Ocho-Stinko hasn't shown up to play? Is it time to drop him?

Nerd CommentedSep 29, 2011 11:00 am

It depends on your league size. If you're in a deep league, I'd suggest keeping Ochocinco on your bench until he can reliably prove that he deserves a starting role. If you're in a 10 team league, for example, I'd drop him. He has upside because he has talent and that is one helluva offense that he plays on. Unfortunately, it's tough to ascertain when he'll become a part of it.

IvanB CommentedSep 29, 2011 11:00 am

Yeah, I've been sitting him on my bench so far. I was just wondering if it's time to give up on him since Brady seems to throw to everyone BUT him. I have him on the Trading Block but nobody is biting, not even nibbling. I trust you Nerd, I'll hang on to him. Thanks for always responding to my questions, it makes subscribing to your site very worthwhile. Do you ever plan on opening up a members forum? That would be very useful.

Nerd CommentedSep 29, 2011 11:00 am

Always happy to help.

A forum is a nice idea. I'll add it to the enhancements list.

Good luck this week!

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