Holy Injuries Batman

Monday, Sep 19, 2011 at 12:00 pm ET

If you're like me, you cringed when you saw Jamaal Charles go down this week. Not only do you have to feel for the guy personally, but many fantasy owners are going to be hurting as well. He was my first pick in both of the FFN Users Leagues on NFL.com, and trust me, the waiver wire is razor thin. Not a lot of choices there.

Take a look at some of the notable offensive injuries that have happened prior to Week 3:

Tony Romo

Miles Austin

Steven Jackson

Jamaal Charles

Arian Foster

Aaron Hernandez

Danny Amendola

Marques Colston

Dez Bryant

Nate Kaeding

Sidney Rice

Peyton Manning

Brandon Lloyd

Derrick Ward

Jordan Shipley

Roy Williams

Marion Barber

Lee Evans

Jacoby Ford

Garrett Hartley

Eddie Royal

Ryan Williams

Tony Moeaki

There's nothing good about that list. Troll the waiver wire, and if you're not looking good at a particular position, grab another good player at another position and try to make a trade.

Tony Romo earned a lot of people's respect on Sunday. He played with a collapsed lung and fractured ribs. He may miss some time as he recovers, but that was one of the gutsiest performances that I've seen in a long time. Perhaps someone could send Jay Cutler a tape of the Cowboys game?

Speaking of injuries and one particular "anti-awesomeness" injury, Matt Wilson at Fantasy Football Sharks has a nice recap of Week 2 and highlights the notable injuries.

I didn't think that the injury that brought Michael Vick out of the game wasn't that bad, but ESPN is reporting that his timeline to return is in question. I think we all expected Vick to miss some time this year...just not starting Week 2.

Congrats to Todd who had no trouble beating me this week in the FFN Users League I. Plaxico's big fat doughnut didn't seem to hurt you. To Marcus in the FFN Users League II, better luck next time man.

Happy to report that I'm 2-0 in the FFN Experts League taking down Steve Schwarz of The Sports Network, one of the smartest fantasy guys you'll ever read. The combination of Brandon Lloyd's zero and Jamaal Charles' injury was too much of a hole to dig out of. Good game Steve.

I'm off to find out whether or not Mike Williams still plays for Tampa Bay because I'm pretty sure he's not playing on my teams anymore.

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scotter60564 CommentedSep 21, 2011 11:00 am

Romo, collapsed lung and fractured ribs... come on. punctured not collapsed, and very minor at that. Nonetheless, kudos to Romo for getting back in. Do not like the Cutler jab. Also went back in. Problem was he has the O line from hell. On pace to shatter the 56 sacks last year - will get sacked 88 times at the rate first two games. And now Bears are down two O-line starters, may be even worse. Can ya blame Cutler?

Bigstah CommentedSep 21, 2011 11:00 am

Cowboys line has done better...with several sacks, hurries and times Romo has visited the turf...both lines suck...but yes, you can blame Cutler and ONLY HIM...lol

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