Player Movements and Greg Jenning's Broken Leg

Monday, Aug 1, 2011 at 12:00 pm ET

There has been quite a bit of movement already. I had considered doing a piece on the fantasy football implications that these free agent changes have. As I was procrastinating, I checked out the fantasy football news section and saw that Jamey Eisenberg from had already done this (and exceptionally well). As I finished reading the article it became apparent to me that none of the recent player movements had any significant impact to us in the fantasy least...not yet. I think Chad Ochocinco and Roy Williams certainly increase in fantasy value with their moves and could very well surprise everyone. I believe that Tom Brady makes a good WR a terrific WR and he can do that for Ochocinco. Who is Jay Cutler going to throw to in Chicago? Hester and Knox? Neither has been able to meet expectations. I think Williams could have an up year in the windy city.

According to ESPN, Randy Moss has decided to retire. While his numbers were terrible last year (he was voted the Bust of the Year), his career numbers are stellar. Few will forget the incredible 2007 season where he grabbed 23 TDs from Tom Brady. I would not be surprised to see him come back though. Consider this: just two weeks ago, his agent said "He is determined, motivated and quite frankly has a huge chip on his shoulder. Whatever team ends up getting Randy, they're going to know they're getting the old Randy Moss." I believe that the only thing that changed in this short time is the fact that he hasn't gotten offered a big contract. If there's money to be had, Randy will be back.

FOX Sports has a great piece on Plaxico Burress and his situation in New York. It's a good recap of how he got here and what we can expect from him. Plaxico has started showing up in the FFN draft rankings debuting at #49 among WR's.

I love reading where various experts are taking players in their drafts. I was also fortunate enough to participate again in the Pros vs. Joes Draftmaster League hosted by the Fantasy Football Players Champtionship in which 6 "Pros" are paired up with 6 "Joes" in a 12-team "set it and forget it" league. Don't let the "Joes" moniker mislead you though - these guys are incredibly talented. Our friends at Bruno Boys also participate and have a great recap of the draft. Marc at Bruno Boys has the first pick and chose Arian Foster.

The guys over at Fantasy Football Fools have a great piece on 5 Player Moves the NFL Owes Fantasy Football. I would enjoy seeing these changes as well, and in fact, one of them has already happened. Nicely done!

After checking to see where Plaxico was in the FFN wide receiver rankings, I noticed Michael Crabtree a few spots ahead of him. Then I ran across The Hazean's recent article asking is it too early to call Michael Crabtree a bust? While Crabtree may not be able to play Week 1, he should be available for a late round value pick. See - something good can come out of this!

And finally - a little bit of humor. I hadn't seen this before but I have to admit that I got a good laugh out of it. highlights Greg Jennings putting his team on his back. For those of us who love playing Madden, this was great! Greg Jennings with a 90+ yard TD running the field with a broken leg and scoring. Beneath the video is another video interview with the real Greg Jennings talking about it. Maybe next time Darren Sharper...

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