Nothing Fun About Going 0-3

Sunday, Sep 26, 2010 at 12:00 pm ET

For the first time ever, I have gone 0-3 in one of my leagues. Let me tell you, there's nothing fun about it. The worst part is that I was the league champion last year and the people who beat me get the satisfaction of saying "I beat the Fantasy Football Nerd". There is certainly a drop in the fun level when you're losing, but if you're in the 0-3 club with me, take comfort in the fact that even nerds like me lose.

In another league, I've gone 1-2 which absolutely floors me when I look at my team. I lost this week with the following starters:

QB: Matt Schaub

RB: Ray Rice

RB: Jahvid Best

Flex: DeAngelo Williams

WR: Andre Johnson

WR: Wes Welker

TE: Antonio Gates

K: Neil Rackers

TM: Dolphins

It's an 8-team PPR league and I'm looking at this team saying WTF? I also have Ryan Mathews who managed 5 points last week before getting hurt. This week saw Jahvid Best with a toe injury and Andre Johnson being helped off the field in the 3rd quarter. Ray Rice has a knee sprain and has yet to see the endzone. Schaub ran out of bullets in the Battle for Texas shootout. DeAngelo Williams has as many fantasy points on the season as Cadillac Williams. "WTF" is the only appropriate response. Under normal conditions, this is a fantastic team. This week that team is the lowest scoring team in the league.

It's disappointing, but after 3 weeks, I'm already praying for a Rudy Ruettiger-type moment. I so badly want to get these teams into a locker room and say to them:

RudyWe're gonna go inside, we're gonna go outside, inside and outside. We're gonna get 'em on the run boys and once we get 'em on the run we're gonna keep 'em on the run. And then we're gonna go go go go go go and we're not gonna stop til we get across that goalline. This is a team they say is... is good, well I think we're better than them. They can't lick us, so what do you say men?

Alas, I am not Rudy, nor can I give the team a pep-talk. I'm doing quite well in the rest of my leagues, but I'm a competitive person and want to do better in the two that I care the most about. This means trying to negotiate a decent trade, watching the waiver wire, and playing the matchups. With the team listed above, I'm not going to improve through waivers but perhaps a nice trade or two.

For those of you struggling with a losing record already, keep your chin up. Don't just look at potential trades, make them happen. If that doesn't work, here's a trick: focus on something else. Be happy that you're not Not Garrett Hartley duffing a game winning kick from 29 yards. Be happy that you're not Eli Manning shoveling the worst left-handed endzone pick I've ever seen. Be happy that you're not Derek Anderson tossing a comical pick a few yards in front of you. Be happy that you're not Sebastian Janikowski missing three of six field goal attempts including the potential game winner. Yes, that's it my friends...don't worry, be happy. At the very least pretend like you're happy and keep smiling. It'll confuse the rest of the folks in your league.

Good luck next week.

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Lutefisk CommentedSep 28, 2010 11:00 am

I feel your pain. I too am 0-3 with the likes of Orton, Kolb, Foster, Mendenhall, Best, Fitzgerald, Ocho, Floyd, Celek, Ryan Mathews & Ronnie Brown. Seems like one or more of my "studs" always has a hapless day while my opponent gets 30 out of some unknown. We gotta turn this around, Nerd.


Nerd CommentedSep 28, 2010 11:00 am

Precisely my point. That's a great team. It's comforting to know that I'm not alone. Let's see how Week 4 goes for us.

Will Williams CommentedSep 29, 2010 11:00 am

While I do always love to see fresh talent putting up big numbers, this is out of control! Fortunately, I picked up Austin Collie after week 1 and started him in my ppr league this past week along with Flacco, Chris Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Lawrence Tynes, Jermichael Finley, and the Dolphins.

Finally, I am getting a little respect in the league after starting 0-2, but in all honesty Nerd, do you see any of the nobodys who exploded onto the scene this week really making much of an impact the rest of the season?

Bruiserman CommentedSep 29, 2010 11:00 am

First season ever, and 1-2 myself. So far everyone I play has their absolute best game against me. Have the most points against in the league. Their preceding weeks they score 20-30 pts less. I finally won last week. Changed a few things and this is my team for this week and who I am starting. Hoping for 2-2. I'm excited about Collie too. Picked up Vick so noone else could have him too.

what do you think?

WR - Brandon Marshall (MIA) ST

WR - Hakeem Nicks (NYG) ST

WR - Austin Collie (IND) ST

WR - Johnny Knox (CHI)

WR - Kevin Walter (HOU)

TE - Jermichael Finley (GB)

RB - Maurice Jones-Drew (JAC) ST

RB - Steven Jackson (STL)

RB - Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG) ST

RB - LeSean McCoy (PHI) ST

QB - Peyton Manning (IND) ST

QB - Michael Vick (PHI)

K - Mason Crosby (GB) ST

DEF - New York Giants (NYG)

DEF - Seattle Seahawks (SEA) ST

Pitbulls CommentedSep 30, 2010 11:00 am

Are you not using the analizer ? I'm 2-1 with

Nerd CommentedSep 30, 2010 11:00 am

You guys are awesome.

Will - sure I do. Foster was a sleeper who has exploded and I expect that to continue, particularly this week. Jahvid Best would be in the same boat if not for the turf toe. While he doesn't have Foster or Best potential, I'm watching Ryan Torain as the next big sleeper. Portis is just about out of gas.

Bruiserman - that is a fantastic team. Should be absolutely stacked if MJD could see the endzone and Steven Jackson was healthy. Other than that, the rest of the team is stellar. I'd be surprised if you didn't see 2-2.

Pitbulls - that made me laugh. I absolutely use the Analyzer (I check it several times a week) but if the guys don't perform...

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