Marshall, Favre, Grant, & Jackson Latest Updates

Wednesday, Aug 6, 2008 at 12:00 pm ET

Brandon Marshall has been suspended for the first 3 (possibly 2 if he fully complies with the suspension) regular-season games this year as a result of three arrests over the past year. This isn't a good start for the Broncos or Marshall who had over 1,300 yards receiving on 100+ receptions last year. Fantasy owners can lump Marshall and Steve Smith in the same boat - they're both exceptional players who will be drafted but owners will have to wait for production until week 3.

Favre... Yep - that about sums it up. What else can I say? He's not on the "McCarthy train" and I don't think McCarthy's saving him a seat. In what has become a very rude habit, McCarthy took to the podium late making the national press and the rest of America wait for him to spit out cliches. I said it last month and it's my blog so I'll say it again: The #1 job for McCarthy, Thompson, and company is to put the best team on the field every Sunday. Plain and simple. Rodgers, who in the past has responded to fan sentiment by declaring "Either get on the bus or keep your mouths shut", is not the best guy for the job. If this were a publicly traded company, the shareholders would be calling for McCarthy and Thompson's resignations for mismanagement and fiscal irresponsibility. Perhaps McCarthy could lay off the Sammy's Pizza and pay attention to job #1. Rodger's contract is up after this year and hopefully McCarthy and Thompson will go with him.

Depending on where Favre ends up (Tampa Bay is looking pretty good right now), I'll order a Favre jersey from that team. Wonder how I'll be treated when I show up to Lambeau on game day wearing that?

While not overly concerned yet, I'm a little nervous that Steven Jackson's holdout is coming up on two weeks now. I'd feel better if an agreement could be reached, but that wouldn't prevent me from drafting him in my leagues. He will play and he'll most likely have a great year considering that he missed a number of games last year but still finished with just over 1K yards.

Jackson may continue to hold out, but last year's surprise Ryan Grant has signed and at training camp in Green Bay. His value is high and I think his potential would be even better if the QB situation was worked out. Having a consistent and talented passer would open up Grant's possibilities. If the QB situation goes south during the season, expect defenses to stack the line which could limit Grant's production.

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Mo CommentedAug 7, 2008 11:00 am

Hope you've already purchased your J-E-T-S jersey. Now I have an AFC team to cheer for.

As far as GB, I agree that this situation will impact Grant's production dramatically. With an unproven QB behind center and opposing D-lines stacked to stop the run, the Packers' Defense is going to have to carry this team.

J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets! sad is that?

Nerd CommentedAug 7, 2008 11:00 am

I'm trying!! The Jets Shop site has been down all morning with the error message "Sorry, the shop is inaccessible temporarily. Please try again later". Maybe Chad Pennington could help get me a #4 jersey before he leaves!

Nerd CommentedAug 8, 2008 11:00 am

Quick update - I did get my new Favre jersey ordered through, but it's back-ordered until who knows when.

Nerd CommentedAug 22, 2008 11:00 am

My order is officially in no man's land. I've called half a dozen times only to have tell me that they have NO estimate on the ship date. I couldn't even get the poor girl to tell me whether or not it will ship in 2008.

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