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Wednesday, Oct 28, 2009 at 12:00 pm ET

Just a quick update that this week's Where to Put'em column and the weekly FFN newsletter will be either delayed until Saturday evening or postponed until next week.

My family is going to spend a few days at an indoor water park for some much needed fun and relaxation. No computers allowed.

I'll be back in time for the biggest game of the year: Minnesota vs Green Bay at Lambeau Field. It's interesting to talk to people here in Wisconsin. There's very little middle ground on this one. In talking with some of the folks at work today, I found myself in the minority. I hope the fans give Favre the respect he's earned when he takes the field. Most don't think that's appropriate and will boo very loudly.

I was chastised for not being "a true Packer fan" which I find insulting. So here's the reasoning I gave them for a respectful welcome. If your parents get divorced, you shouldn't have to hate one or the other. If White-haired-owl-face (aka Ted Thompson. aka Justin Harrell's big brother) and Pudge McCarthy wanted to move on and Brett couldn't stick with a decision, they should part ways. Fine. Done. But does that mean that you should loath one of them? I think not. I find that it's not that difficult to be both a Packer and a Favre fan.

I give Janell at work all the creativity credit in the world for her response. She responded with the question, "What if one of your parents decided to then marry someone you can't stand?" Ohhhh. That's a tough one and it really drives home the point. It's not the fact that Favre is playing on another team. It's the fact that it's the Vikings.

I get it, but that doesn't negate all the years that he was the face of the Packers. Nothing can take away all that he's done for the Packers and for the state of Wisconsin. Regardless of the reception he receives, this is the most anticipated game of the year for us Packer fans. The only thing that could possibly top it would be a trip to the Super Bowl (which isn't going to happen with that horrible offensive line). Go Pack Go!

Good luck this week,


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