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Sunday, Jul 6, 2008 at 12:00 pm ET

What exactly is a Fantasy Football Nerd? A fantasy football nerd is someone who uses technology to help him/her make good fantasy football decisions. The Draft Buddy program is unique in that it searches multiple fantasy football sites for me.

Here's a great example of collective intelligence: About.com is currently ranking Joseph Addai as the 3rd best overall pick in this year's draft. AskTheCommish.com ranks him 6th. ESPN ranks him 4th, and so on. Knowing that your first pick is incredibly important, which source do you trust� Now take 19 of those sources (along with a few other features in the Nerd Algorithm) and produce a cumulative rank. The Nerd sees Joseph Addai as a solid 5th pick overall. It gets more useful further down the draft when you start hitting picks 50 and on. There's quite a bit of variance between these sources the further down you go.

Is it perfect? Absolutely, positively not. For example, Moss and Brady were much lower in last year's pre-season rankings than they are this year. If I or the Nerd search technology could predict the future, I assure you that I would be squirreled away in some remote location under heavy security doing the biddings of the US Government. The Nerd cannot predict the future, but it can provide you with an easy to use interface for viewing the collective intelligence of the fantasy football community. No more. No less.

In addition to the pre-season rankings used in the Draft Buddy program, FantasyFootballNerd.com users can view news feeds from multiple respected sources in one location. Just select the ones you want to subscribe to and the Nerd will go get the latest headlines for you.

One Nerd can't do or think of everything, so shoot me an email with your thoughts.

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