Yusei Kikuchi

Yusei Kikuchi

Height: 6-0
Weight: 194 lbs
Age: 31
College: None
Toronto Blue Jays

Player News

TheRotoFeedHope Rain Doesn t Make Teoscar Grouchy

var _bp = _bp []; _bp.push({ "div": "Brid_4118762_1", "obj": {"id":"13959","stats":{"wp":1 ,"title":"2022%20Razzball%20BUY%20SELL%20HOLD%20For%20Fantasy%20Football%20Week%2011","autoplay":true,"video":"1183939","width":"480","height":"270" ); La La Land! Wait, that's wrong. Damn it, Faye Dunaway, give me that envelope! ...and the Teoscar Hernandez goes to Seattle for Erik Swanson and minor-league LHP Adam Macko! That's worse than La La Land. Macko better grow ten inches and become the next Randy Johnson for this trade to make sense. Okay, first my thoughts on middle relievers, such as Erik Swanson, then back to the trade. They are failed starters! Take Yusei Kikuchi and make him a middle reliever if you want a middle reliever. What are you doing?! Jays ain't no Rays, but the M's might be. Rays know that anyone can be a great reliever. Yanks seemed to figure it out when they took a guy who flamed out in Pittsburgh and made him great--Oh, wait, that could be Gerrit Cole too. Or any pitcher leaving Pittsburgh. Okay, sorry, that Pittsburgh hate is off-topic. Focus! This trade just has me so discombobulated. Why would you trade Teoscar Hernandez for a middle reliever and a lottery ticket arm? The only reasons I can imagine are the Jays aren't done and will acquire another bat. Or the Jays know something on Teoscar that we don't know. Something like he wanted out; clashing with some of the other players; something, and I don't know what. So, Teoscar goes to a much worse park. Seattle is the worst park, by the by. Don't trust me, ask Jesse Winker. Teoscar is no Winker though, and should be able to hit anywhere. What's funny, and should be taken with a grain of salt, Teoscar's expected homers in Toronto last year was 28 (he actually hit 25), and in Seattle it was 31. He's regularly a top five-percenter in MaxEv, and regular Exit Velocity. Red marks after red marks indicating fire on all the best Statcast numbers. Barrel% upper 94-percenter; HardHit% is 98%; speed is even in the 84 percentile. I ranked Teoscar crazy high last year, and he disappointed, but it's hard to not fall in love again. He really is that good, and Dipoto is robbing Canada like Mrs. Butterworth's tapping maples. For 2023, I'll give Teoscar Hernandez projections of 76/29/83/.264/7 in 517 ABs. Anyway, here's what else I saw this offseason for 2023 fantasy baseball:

Source: TheRotoFeed
Thursday, Nov 17, 2022


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