How many sites do you aggregate from?

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How many sites do you aggregate from?

It depends upon the sport, but generally the aggregate is comprised of several dozen websites - some that are well known and some that we hope you'll get to know. A sampling of the sites that we aggregate from can be found in the rotation of logos on each sports homepage.

Fantasy Nerds does much more than just aggregate rankings and projections though. Using our NerdRank algorithm, we weight each of those rankings and projections for every player based upon each site's accuracy. There are other websites that also aggregate rankings, but NerdRank goes a step further...

For example, let's say more than half of all sites project Player A over Player B. If we simply look at the aggregate, we could conclude that we should start Player A because it's the popular opinion. What if in that minority were experts who were historically more accurate than others and chose Player B instead? NerdRank would factor that in and could project Player B as a better choice. Those kinds of insights cannot be achieved through simple aggregation and averaging.

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