Do you rate limit requests?


Do you rate limit requests?

Fantasy Nerds monitor the types and frequency of API requests. Our default limits are usually more than enough for nearly all use cases. Please read through this documentation in its entirety to avoid common causes of rate limiting issues.

We highly recommend that you cache the API responses locally on your side.
Many of our static services like NFL teams and NFL Bye Weeks will only change once per season, it's not necessary to continually call the same service repeatedly as the data returned isn't changing. Even rankings and projections are typically only updated once or twice a day. We recommend that you cache the results locally. Caching has the added benefit of making your application faster.

HTTP Response Status Codes
Please note that all valid responses in JSON format will carry an HTTP Response Status Code of 200. Invalid or malformed requests may throw a response code other than 200. Please note that rate-limited requests may still return an HTTP response status code of 200 but there will be an Error node notifying you of the rate limit.

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