What is Fantasy Nerds and why should I use it?

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What is Fantasy Nerds and why should I use it?

In 2008, FantasyFootballNerd.com was launched with the intention of aggregating fantasy football rankings and projections from around the web. While other sites have since come along and aggregated rankings and projections, what separated Fantasy Football Nerd was a unique algorithm called NerdRank.

NerdRank not only aggregates data, but more importantly, it weights them based upon each source's accuracy. For example - hypothetically - if ESPN were more accurate at projecting Quarterbacks than CBS, then ESPN is more authoritative at that position and their projections should be weighted heavier than CBS.

Conversely, if CBS was stronger at Running Backs, then we want to give them more weight than other sites who haven't been as accurate.

Our NerdRank algorithm was subsequently applied to both baseball and basketball creating FantasyBaseballNerd.com and FantasyBasketballNerd.com.

In 2021, we combined all three sites into one platform.