Justin Reid

Justin Reid

Height: 6-1
Weight: 203 lbs
Age: 24
College: Stanford
Houston Texans

2021 Season Outlooks

While Justin Reid has been productive for IDP, his on-field play gives reason to question whether the Texans will continue to allow him to play his role. He was moved into the box last year, which should have helped him produce personal record tackle numbers. Unfortunately, Reid was not able to finish plays and therefore was not able to take advantage of this fortunate turn of events. This year, the new Texans regime has introduced competition at almost every defensive position as they continue to evaluate the roster. Reid has been moved back to free safety for now, but if he continues to struggle, he could find himself on the bench. He is a risky DB2 that probably should be drafted later in the process in case a benching comes to pass.

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