ALERT: Colts QB Anthony Richardson will not play in Week 3
ALERT: The Ravens have declared both Odell Beckham and Justice Hill INACTIVE for Week 3

Week 2 NFL Picks: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams

Consensus Pick

San Francisco 49ers

Consensus Total Picks

Game Info

Home Team: L.A. Rams (1 - 0)
Away Team: San Francisco (1 - 0)
Game Day: Sunday, Sep 17, 2023
Kickoff: 4:05 PM ET
Station: FOX
Projected Score: 18 25

Winner: 49ers
Over/Under: 45.0
Spread: -105.0
Organization Expert Expert Rank Expert Pick
CBS Sports First Place Dave Richard 1 SF
Gridiron Experts Second Place Leo Sells 2 SF
NBC Sports Third Place Mike Florio 3 SF
ESPN Jeremy Fowler 4 SF
ESPN Jason Reid 5 SF
USA Today Lorenzo Reyes 6 SF
CBS Sports John Breech 7 SF
CBS Sports Tyler Sullivan 8 SF
ESPN Eric Moody 9 SF
Gridiron Experts Doug Burrell 10 SF
NFL Colleen Wolfe 11 SF
Sporting News Bill Bender 12 SF
CBS Sports Will Brinson 14 SF
CBS Sports Jamey Eisenberg 13 SF
ESPN Mike Clay 15 SF
ESPN Matt Bowen 16 SF
USA Today Nate Davis 17 SF
CBS Sports Pete Prisco 19 SF
CBS Sports Jared Dubin 18 SF
DraftKings DraftKings 20 SF
FanDuel FanDuel 21 SF
Dallas Morning News Tim Cowlishaw 22 SF
ESPN Seth Wickersham 23 SF
ESPN Lindsey Thiry 25 SF
ESPN Dan Graziano 24 SF
Gridiron Experts Boris 26 SF
Yahoo Sports Yahoo Users 27 SF
Gridiron Experts James Bryer 30 SF
Gridiron Experts Will Holtz 29 SF
Gridiron Experts Jason Willan 28 SF
CBS Sports Ryan Wilson 31 SF
ESPN Stephania Bell 35 SF